Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wedding Hall of Justice

Sarah saw the venue today for the first time and she loves it just as much as I do. We couldn't have found a better space if we tried. It's exactly the kind of place crimefighters would go to fight crime. It is literally down by the docks.

There are actually three spaces: an entry vestibule, a large space for the reception, and a smaller space for the actual ceremony. That last space as a gabled shape that just screams Fortress of Solitude. I can see the crystal spires shooting up at all angles. There is even opportunity for heros to enter from rafters and darkness as we had envisioned. So far, the manager of the space seems very receptive. She has given us a great deal on the price and is open to some of our more acrobatic entry ideas.

We have a list of caterers that have experience with the space, so we will probably call them as soon as the contract is signed. I wish we didn't have to serve alcohol. Neither Sarah nor I drink and it is quite an additional expense. Still, I've been to a dry wedding and it was not an enjoyable experience. So I guess we'll just find some sort of compromise.

The only other detail I need to work out is where the set construction will take place. We have been given the day before and the next day until noon for load-in and strike. I should easily be able to do it in that amount of time, as long as friends are willing to help. But I still need some space where I can do the actual construction. Somehow I just don't think our one bedroom apartment is going to be big enough.

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