Thursday, May 15, 2008

Finalizing the Line-Up

I had a couple of good conversations with Corey at Action Actors concerning the costumes this week. Of all the costume designers I have found online, their work is by far the most impressive. The officially licensed costumes are designed for the average Halloween party and look terrible. Occasionally, you will come across a sprecial edition Batman, but that one costs almost $1000. Many people suggest talented local designers, but none of them are adept and working with copious amounts of Lycraspandex. Here are some examples of Corey's work.

We are close to finalizing the cast of characters, although a few adjustments need to be made for financial reasons. One of our original choices was Hawkgirl, and her wings make her cost prohibitive. But everyone else we chose is going to fall within the price range we had set, so the next thing is to get measurements from our wedding party.

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Reginald said...

If only superheroes wore hats, I'd have just the designer for you.