Sunday, May 4, 2008

My Fiance is Awesome

You probably think that any woman who would allow her husband-to-be talk her into a superhero wedding qualifies as awesome. I suppose you would be right, too. But you know what is even more awesome? Having a bride-to-be who actually wants to have a superhero wedding. Most people think that she's just humoring me, that I came up with this crazy scheme and that Sarah is going along with it. But those people don't know Sarah.

If you didn't really know her, if you'd only met her once or twice, you might think she was just another pretty girl. You'd be partly right. She is beautiful, inside and out. She's every bit as sweet as the Disney princesses she loves so much. Furry woodland creatures flock to her. But Sarah has something that those animated beauties never did, and I saw it in her eyes on the day we met.

She's stronger than you could possibly imagine. She sees what's wrong with the world, what's ugly, what needs to be changed if only someone would take it upon themselves to change it. It's a long list, and she's only getting started.

If you didn't really know her, you might think she was just an overly tolerant bride-to-be whose fiance was obsessed with Superman. But you'd be wrong. She IS Wonder Woman. I'll just be some schmuck in spandex.

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