Monday, July 27, 2009

Tech Week

For those of you unfamiliar with theatre vernacular, "tech week" is the week just before a show opens. This is where you start mixing in lights, sound, costumes, and special effects. Typically, the set would be nearly finished at this point, but for Super-Wedding the circumstances are a bit different. I do hope to finish all of the major carpentry today, leaving only the foam crystalline structure and any painting that needs to be done. Fortunately, my first groomsman arrives today, so I will be getting a bit of help.

In other news, I spoke to the costumer last night, and he assured me that he was overnighting the remainder of my order today. I am having him send everything directly here to Portland rather than risk sending it to groomsmen who are traveling from away. When I started dealing with the costumes, I had no idea that things would end up being so last minute. It has been extremely nerve wracking.

There are still a million miscellaneous things to do. I made a Daily Planet press pass for my photographer yesterday. There are still some sound cues that need to be assembled. We have string lights and Chinese lanterns for the hall, but no cords for the lanterns yet. I stopped by a local brewery yesterday to sample all of their bottled sodas for the reception.

You get the idea. Here's hoping for a healthy dose of theatre magic.

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