Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Show's a Go

Well, this is it. After years of planning and dreaming, our superhero wedding day has arrived. We had a fantastic rehearsal last night and I really feel that our vision is going to be realized. Also, we get to marry each other, which is really what this is all about. There are still a few odds and ends to take care of, but for the most part, we are ready. That being said, I want to take a few moments to thank some people that have been integral in bringing this dream to fruition.

In no particular order:

My mom and stepfather, Nick and Jean Bennetts, for their generous support, both emotional and monetary. They have given way more of themselves than they can afford to, and will likely give more before the day is through.

The capable doctors and nurses at Oak Ridge Hospital, for helping Sarah's mother beat the odds. Against all likelihood, she has battled back from stage 4 lung cancer to a full remission. Having her sitting in the front row as Queen Hippolyta is the greatest gift anyone could give us.

Leigh Garrett, for donation of her seamstressing and power tools. She was by far the best thing to come out of Sarah's short-lived Maine theatre career. Without her, I fear our Wonder Woman would have had a nervous breakdown for sure.

Rick and the crew at Casablanca Comics, for their careful research and their tolerance of our johnny come lately comic enthusiasm. They have spent countless hours mining the archives for Kryptonian wedding vows and the like, helped us find decorations and cake toppers, and supported our wedding to far greater lengths than our meager business required.

My father and stepmother, Mario and Pam Lucchese, for their generous loan to get us over the hump. Even though I know my father is a bit disappointed at what a colossal nerd his only son turned out to be, he at least has to be proud that I scored such a hottie.

Brian Hinman, for sound design, reception entertainment, and patronage of iTunes. Any music you hear tonight was collected and edited by him. In addition, for traveling the farthest to get here and arriving a week early to help me build the set.

Emily Mercker, for supporting Sarah, even through her damaging New Kids on the Block addiction. I can't tell you how much your friendship has meant to Sarah. I know I have been a bit scary through this whole ordeal and I apologize if I ever came across as a groomzilla. I would choose no one else to lead our Amazon army into battle.

The entire Kieschnick/Favreau family, for adopting me years ago. To Eric, for his friendship and for reigning me in when creative momentum pushes too many boundaries. To Ed and Janice, for being adoptive parents to me and now to Sarah. Ed is the perfect person to guide us through our wedding promises and Janice gave him the uniform to make him official. Thank you for the lovely rehearsal dinner. The cheesecake was delicious. And finally, to Heidi and Andrew, for taking me in when I was homeless and aiding Sarah and I in establishing our new life here in Maine. We are proud to be a part of the family.

Kristy Volker and Becky Zwicker, for keeping Sarah sane, marching in the Amazon ranks, and being supporting the maid of honor so that she can in turn support us. Thank you for your chauffeur services this weekend.

Angela Haskell, for costume, hair, and makeup design. Thank you for taking Sarah on to raise and for cleaning up after the Ninestones debacle.

Andy Milford, for his generous donations and for rocking the Aquaman fins.

To Sarah's brother and sister-in-law, JR and Tiffany Lafore, for taking care of Sarah's mother so that my bride could return to Maine and be with me. We are thrilled that you could make it up to join us and we are sorry for the grueling travel delays.

To Sunshine, for walking hundreds of miles with me. Freckles and the kitties thank you for your dispensing of food and affection. We thank you for your videography services and for taking the plunge the week before us, so that we could see how easy it could be.

To anyone else that has donated, loaned, advised, designed, constructed, or consoled. The list of people to thank is longer than I currently have time for, Please know that we are well aware of how much you all have done and we are eternally grateful and terribly humbled that you would go to such great lengths for us.

Thank you, and enjoy the show. Curtain is at 7pm. Don't be late.


Allen said...

Congratulations Tony and Sarah! I'm sure that it is going to be an amazing show/wedding, and I'm really disappointed that we're not able to be there. When will it be out on DVD? :-)

Anonymous said...

I hope it was fabulous! Love you both, Kimberly Watkins