Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hitting the Gym

So tomorrow I begin a fairly intense exercise regimen. We have gotten our fitting costumes for the wedding, and while I am very happy with the costume, I am less happy with the body underneath it. Sarah is going to look fantastic, though.

In addition to honing our own appearances, we have myriad other wedding plans to deal with. We are almost finished with the script. I've ordered a copy of Action Comics #307 entitled Supergirl's Wedding Day. It is supposed to have references to the traditional Kryptonian ceremony. Once we have that, we should be able to polish things off and get it out to the participants. I took some measurements at the venue yesterday, and I'm going to start designing the set tomorrow. I have decided to find an alternative to our aerial entrances. When I climbed up into the rafters of the room, I didn't see anything that I would feel safe rappelling from. I certainly can't ask my best man to do something I wouldn't do myself.

We are starting to wonder if anyone is even coming to this crazy shindig. We sent out invitations fairly early, knowing that most people were coming from out of town. I fear that this has given our intended guests enough time to forget about us. Our RSVP list is pretty pathetic. Hopefully, people will begin responding soon

Other than that, we seem to be in good shape. The wedding, I mean. Not my midsection.

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