Saturday, April 26, 2008

Plotting and Planning

I feel sorry for the average groom. Traditional paradigms dictate that they sit back and watch as their bride and mother-in-law make decisions on their behalf. They are instructed where and when to show up in their tux, and they just obey. What kind of a commentary is that on the future of the marriage?

I am having so much fun with this wedding. I am online every chance I get, searching for invitations, design ideas for cakes and costumes, and every other detail you could think of. Sarah sees how excited I am and thinks it's great. On the one hand, I know I'm lucky to have her, but on the other hand, I wonder how any groom could settle for someone who would want to lead him around by the nose.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Regarding Lois Lane

If you haven't already guessed from our "about" photo, Sarah and I will be playing the roles of Wonder Woman and Superman, respectively. (I suppose if we really wanted to be unconventional, I would don the red bustier and she would wear the cape, but that wedding would have a whole different set of implications that we won't go into.) Someone asked me just yesterday what happened to Lois Lane, and since it was a fair question, I thought I would answer it up front.

Lois is a strong, independent woman by human standards. She is career oriented, fearless, and stubborn. But compared to the Man of Steel, she's a Stepford Wife. No matter how self-assured she is, she has to know that she will always come up short in a comparison to the last son of Krypton. That's not a dynamic that I want to base my marriage on. As far as I know, Superman and Wonder Woman were never more than colleagues. But they are as close to being equals as a man and woman can be in comic world, and that's what I wanted for me and Sarah.

We each have our own strengths and weaknesses, and at any given moment, one or the other will have more success in current endeavors. But in our relationship, we are equals. Responsibility, decision making, and future planning are a 50-50 split. Both of us want the other to excel, and together we are stronger than either of us apart.

So I hope comic fans will forgive our disregard for the lovely Lois. She'll always have a place in our hearts, but not in our wedding album.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


After years and years of waiting and wishing, my day finally came!! I am engaged to Tony! The ring is so perfectly unique, I could not love it more! A friend of mine asked if I had LHS (left hand syndrome) yet..I think I might! I am so excited that Tony is so excited about the planning! I don't seem to be able to stop smiling!!

We're Engaged!

Sarah and I have been together for several years now. During the course of a long-term relationship, you find occasion to discuss what your wedding might be like. One fateful summer afternoon, while sharing an overpriced lunch at the Superhero Cafe at Universal Studios, Orlando, we decided that it might be fun to have a superhero themed wedding.

I know what you're thinking. Why would we want to begin our marriage with such an outlandish spectacle? You see, neither one of us is religious, so a church ceremony is out of the question. Sarah has been married before, so the whole white wedding thing has been done already. And I don't do anything in the traditional way. So this is perfect for us.

Over the past few months, I've been designing the perfect engagement ring for Sarah. Several of the decisions were theme based. The stone is a green diamond, aka Kryptonite. I didn't even know that diamonds came in green, but it turns out they do. I was able to find the perfect stone locally, but the setting was trickier. I wanted something futuristic, and after many internet searches, I came across this ring by the Arnell Workshop. I immediately fell in love with it, and even though it involved shipping the stone to British Columbia and paying customs fees, I knew it had to be done. An ordinary ring box wouldn't do justice to this ring, so I contracted Jane Burke, a Georgia artist, to build the perfect box. It is made from ebony with the Superman symbol in silver inlay and it is gorgeous.

Finally, when it was all ready, I took Sarah to Boston to pop the question. She hasn't stopped smiling since.

We will try to post regular updates on our progress, and hope you enjoy following along with us.