Thursday, August 14, 2008

Superheroes? Seriously?

Most of you know us well enough not to be surprised by anything we do. But for the rest of you, we felt an explanation was in order.

We've all been to tortuously proper weddings. Like many social functions, we felt obligated to participate, but not so much that we stayed long after the toasts went silent. Gifts were hurriedly purchased the day of the event from the tattered remnants of the bridal registry. Dresses and pants were dragged from safe havens in the back of the closet and called upon to perform all manner of structural feats for bodies that had moved in unexpected ways over the years. The teetotalers among us wondered if this might be a good time to start drinking, and the rest of us skip the existential debate and make beelines for the open bar.

This is not what we want our wedding to be like. We want it to be fun. We want you to enjoy being there. And nothing says "party" like Spandex and muscle suits.

As to the superhero theme, well, we aren't exactly sure ourselves. Neither of us were big comic book fans, but we both grew up with the characters. It's kind of hard to grow up in America without putting on a make-shift cape and pretending you can fly or kicking imaginary butt with your bullet-proof bracelets. As near as we can tell, the super-wedding idea came to us during a fateful lunch at Universal Studios. Regardless, the idea grew into the spectacle to which you have been invited.

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