Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Master of Ceremonies

Sarah and I have had several conversations about who is going to officiate the public ceremony. We want it to be a friend of ours, but we weren't sure whether we needed that person to be officially ordained (Maine allows internet ministers to perform weddings) or if we would just let that person officiate at the public spectacle, then make it official at the courthouse. I think we have decided on the latter. A friend of mine from work is a notary, which allows you to perform weddings in Maine. Normally they charge a nominal fee, but she said she would happily do it for free. That is exactly the right price.

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Reginald said...

Oh, I would have SOOOOO gotten ordained on the internet for the chance to officiate. Just so I could wear an oversized mitre (you know where I can get one) and say "wuv, twoo wuv..."